email spam checker

How do I check my spam email score?


This tool comes to the rescue and helps you to check whether an email is a spam or not. It attempts to figure out how spammy emails are. A scale of 0- 17 is there to calculate the score. 0 being the indicator of being the email being most trustworthy while 17 being the least trustworthy.

Instead of being worried about such junk there is a third party that helps to determine if and an email is junk or being blocked by the available spam filters. This third party is known as email spam checker. This tool is of great importance to check if your email is being blocked by a spam filter. When you send your operations to this third party which is mail it helps you taper down the reasons why your email is not going through.

  1. Search for the
  2. Now copy the email address on the bar and send it to the field
  3. Keep the tool open. Next, open a new tab to log in to your perpetual contact account and select the email you would like to test
  4. Press to send a test email 
  5. Paste the email address which you previously copied from into the field 
  6. Click send a test 
  7. Now open your present tab 
  8. Click to check your score 
  9. Your results are complete and ready for you to view. You can click on a category to see the full breakdown

By following these steps, you can check the email spam score.

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