International Student Life in USA


Living in USA is a totally new and overwhelming experience, especially when you live there as a student on your own. USA has the world’s largest student population because of its well-known and outstanding education system.

International students life in USA
International students life in USA

American Dream, Cultural Shock and Diversity

As an international student, you will live and enjoy the “American Dream”. yet before that you will have to bear the cultural shock which is not a curse or a bad thing, but a learning experience which helps you to evolve in so many different ways.  For instance, diversity is one amazing thing, a bounty, which international students get to enjoy to the fullest. You meet with people from all around the globe, hence, you are not exposed to just one culture, but to so many. Isn’t it fascinating that you are making friends from east to west and from north to south? Of course, it is.

Punctuality and Courtesy

One thing I really adore and admire about Americans is their punctuality. They never run late, rather they will arrive few minutes early or they would be exactly on time. In addition, their concept of others first is so courteous. Americans, being considerate, would hold the door for you and usually exchange words like thank you and welcome. The cherry on the top is their welcoming nature and smiley faces which never fail to light up your mood.

Fun Facts: Money Conversion and TGIF

One fun fact about international students is that they won’t buy anything without estimating the price in their own currency and end up buying nothing. Pretty hilarious though.

TGIF! If you don’t know this phrase already, search for it now. Because TGIF(Thank God, it’s Friday) is used so insanely in America that you get confused what  is that. Let me tell you, it is basically celebration of the weekend. So yeah, we all wait for Friday!

Challenges for International Students

Despite all the travelling, adventures, and cultural immersion, moving to a new country is not an easy transition for some people. They feel homesickness. Along with that, people might face financial problems too as managing your budget in dollars is not an easy task.  One needs financial literacy to sustain in such an expensive country.

Having said that, when it is time to fly back home, you won’t like to leave and you will miss the trips you had with your friends, you will miss a downtown cafe or a nearby coffee shop where you had made unforgettable memories.

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