Stonehenge Summer solstice sun rise

Stonehenge, Summer Solstice Festival


Summer solstice fest Stonehenge starts from June 18 and ends on June 22.

The ancient monument of Stonehenge is believed to be built as a worshiping place. But the significance of it becomes more evident when it the moment of Summer Solstice. The Rising sun of Summer Solstice makes a magical show in the vicinity. The sun rises exactly above the “Heel stone” which is out of the circle of main stones.

Crowd from all over the world gathers to see the spell of rising sun of Summer solstice. Summer solstice 2020 will be once again witnessed by thousands of people on June 21 morning and it will be an unforgettable moment for them.

Tickets for the Samba bands & drummers, Camping, accommodation and other activities needs to booked in advance.
you may visit this site for buying tickets.

All these facilities will be charged including shuttle bus to and from the stones, free daily yoga lessons and free healing workshop with reike and healing sound. Those who want to visit stones for sunrise, charges for guide will apply.

in advance, make sure of the tickets, bookings and accommodations for any inconvenience.

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