Why PubG mobile is so large?


PubG mobile’s users are complaining about it’s continuously increasing size. Yes, the game is expanding its size at a fast pace. At the present time, the size of SD card data, aka. OBB data is around 1.7GB. That’s truly whopping and a user with a slower connection would never be able to download and install the game on their device.

We are currently living in a revolutionized world and the data speed across the ISPs around the globe has improved drastically. But still, there are geographic locations where either the data is too expensive or it isn’t at a level required to download and update this game.

This makes sense to download that large file at first, but the horrible thing is that you PubG is enforcing to download the new OBB file for each update it releases. You will have to download the OBB data each time a major PubG upgrade is released.

If you are on a slower connection, there is a solution to download this huge PubG OBB data file. That’s through multi-part ZIP files. You can download PubG OBB SD card data and APK file here. They are providing a compressed ZIP file too as well as multi-part split ZIPs.

PubG’s Justification

PubG Corporation says that the huge file size is due to the high-quality graphics, animations, sounds, and all the other stuff that makes this game amazing. Yep, they are right. Each and every detail on the graphics, the accuracy, and the realistic feel that you are experiencing in PubG mobile has been made possible thanks to the huge-sized data expansion file.

Don’t feel bad and don’t blame PubG. They are trying to give you the best possible experience. Go and download the split ZIP files and the APK file and we hope that you will be able to install and play the game in no time.

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